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Solar 101

Solar 101

What happens if I install solar panels but later sell my house?

According to Zillow, homes that run on solar sell for an average 4.1% more than those that don’t. This translates to an additional for the median-valu ...

Why does the process take so long?

Historically, solar is an industry where most things are done offline. There’s a lot that goes into getting a solar system up and running than install ...

What are the short and long-term benefits of going solar?

There are so many! Some of the biggest benefits of going solar include gaining energy independence, saving money on your monthly utility bill, a posit ...

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for solar?

Contrary to popular belief, most homes are well-suited for solar. When it comes to how much energy a system will generate, it’s the number of hours of ...

Why is it so expensive?

When you think of the biggest investments you’ll make in a lifetime–a house, a car, or even a trip around the world–solar is high on the list. Compare ...

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is a type of renewable and infinite energy that comes from the sun. It is then converted to either thermal or electrical energy and can b ...
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