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What if I have trees in my backyard?

Solar panels work best in full, direct sunlight. That said, your home may still be a good candidate for solar even if your roof has shady spots. Along ...

Does the navigational direction of your roof affect how efficiently solar panels work?

To a certain degree, yes. In the northern hemisphere, a roof that faces south will get the most sun and therefore will be the most efficient.

Does wind affect how efficiently solar panels work?

It can make a small difference. Our team considers this when designing your system for optimum performance.

Is seasonality taken into consideration when designing a solar system?

Yes! Every Monalee customer receives a custom design that accounts for the specifics of your home—including location, roof, peak sun hours, seasonalit ...

How is my solar system sized and designed?

For every Monalee project, the goal is to create the most cost efficient design, as well as ensure that the design meets all current code requirements ...
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