Monalee is waiving the security deposit ($100 value) on new solar projects. Promotion expires 6/18/24.




Do you offer a referral bonus program?

Yes! Everytime you refer someone to Monalee and they end up signing up with us, we’ll pay you $500. There’s no cap on how many people you refer and wh ...

When will I start noticing a change in my utility bill?

You usually start seeing savings 2-3 billing cycles after your system becomes active.

What sort of federal and state tax breaks can I take advantage of?

Purchasing your system may entitle you to state and federal tax credits and other incentives offered by local utilities, often in the form of a rebate ...

Do you offer financing?

We do, and we handle this from start to finish. Currently, we work with two financiers: Mosaic and GoodLeap. To get started, we run a quick, soft cred ...

When is my total balance due?

Balances are due at three points in our process: A deposit is collected upon a homeowner signing their Monalee contract $1,000 for California reside ...

Are there any unexpected price hikes I should be aware of?

We pride ourselves on transparent pricing, so you won’t be seeing any price hikes or fall for any bait and switch pricing. That said, homeowners are ...

Until what point can I cancel and get a refund?

You can cancel your order and receive a full refund anytime before your site survey is performed. You will receive a full refund if you cancel before ...

Are federal incentives worked into the price I’m seeing?

Yes, we include the total cost of your Monalee project that you will pay upfront, as well as what the total amount ends up being after you apply the 3 ...

Is sales tax included?

Yes, we include sales tax as part of the total amount you will pay.

How is the price so much lower than other companies?

We’re glad you asked! By leveraging powerful machine learning and removing salespeople and system designers from the process, we are able to secure th ...

How do I know if my quote is accurate?

The quote that you receive from will be highly accurate because our patent-pending AI and machine learning take into account all the releva ...
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