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Google Cloud Features Monalee as a Climate Tech Success Story

Google Cloud features Monalee for our integration of the Solar API from Google Maps Platform.

Walid Halty
CEO at Monalee
Google Cloud Features Monalee as a Climate Tech Success Story
Mar 04, 2024
2 min read

We’re thrilled to read Google Cloud’s recent feature on Monalee! This comes on the heels of being featured in Google’s Next ‘23 series late last year. 

When we started our journey in 2022, we had a goal of making solar an enjoyable and straightforward process for homeowners across the country. Solar is an industry where most things are still done offline, and there isn’t sophisticated software or tech leaders who are digitizing the process. This causes soft costs to be about 75% of the total cost. On top of that, solar salespeople are often pushy and don’t always have the homeowner’s best interest in mind.

We’re shaking things up

As part of our mission to accelerate the solar industry, our proprietary AI software lets us cut out the middlemen–salespeople and system designers–and pass the savings directly to homeowners. We’re making the solar industry modern, digital, easy, transparent–all the things consumers want but haven’t been able to get in one service.

Google Solar API is a part of our Data Engine and we benefitted from having early access to the program. It enabled us to build our patent-pending AI and advanced machine learning quickly and efficiently. Our technology now generates interactive solar panel roof proposals in 10 seconds or less. It does this by by analyzing the roof type and pitch (how much it slopes), and how much sunlight it gets among millions of other data points.

Our commitment to trust and transparency

Transparency is a core value for us here at Monalee. We know that many homeowners feel a lack of trust when it comes to solar because of negative past experiences. When they visit our site, they quickly learn whether they are a good candidate for solar or not. 

With Monalee, homeowners access transparent pricing, which is something not all that common within the industry. A transparent quote from us makes it possible for them to compare our rate with competitors. When generating their unique quote, our technology considers their individual energy needs and the energy potential of their homes if run on solar. 

We’re proud that as we continue to accelerate home electrification, we’ve made it possible for thousands of homeowners across the country to go solar and live more sustainably. 

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