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How Monalee Works: Step 3

We compile all the necessary information for you and submit the application on your behalf. Waiting time varies.

Jimmy Poplin
Permit & Licensing Manager
How Monalee Works: Step 3
Jan 12, 2024
2 min read

When it’s time for permitting (some jurisdictions require it, while others don’t), Monalee homeowners can expect a fairly straightforward process. 

Submitting permitting

After a homeowner’s solar design is finalized, our team compiles their application package and submits it to their local jurisdiction—either online or, in rare cases, directly in person.

Permitting can take up to six weeks depending on a variety of factors unfortunately outside our control. While we realize this is quite a range, it really comes down to local jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction has its own standardized review process and timeline. Historically, we’ve found that California permits tend to be approved right away whereas other states, such as Florida and Colorado, are more specific about how they want things done and can therefore take longer.

Obtaining permitting

Most permits we submit on behalf of Monalee homeowners are approved on the first attempt. If they aren’t for some reason—for example, if the jurisdiction updated how they want to receive something—we can make the necessary changes and re-submit the paperwork.

Once we have permits issued by your city/county, along with any other required approvals from your utility company or HOA, we can schedule your installation.

If you have any questions about permitting, please contact our support team directly (

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