Monalee is waiving the security deposit ($100 value) on new solar projects. Promotion expires 7/22/24.


What equipment does Monalee use?

When you choose Monalee, you’re getting the same (or better) equipment at a better price and with a better process. In fact, compared with most other ...

How do I know if my solar quote is accurate?

When you generate a quote from Monalee, you can rest assured that it’s the most accurate and transparent price available. In most cases, it’s going to ...

How does Monalee technology work?

Our patented AI uses millions of different data points to generate an accurate assessment and price for going solar. It assesses a homeowner’s r ...

How is Monalee different from other solar companies?

By removing salespeople and system designers from the process, we are able to secure the same solar panel systems at half the price compared to tradit ...

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for solar?

Contrary to popular belief, most homes are well-suited for solar. When it comes to how much energy a system will generate, it’s the number of hours of ...
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