Monalee is waiving the security deposit ($100 value) on new solar projects. Promotion expires 6/18/24.




Activation Activation

When can I turn on my solar system?

Before you can activate your solar system, two things need to happen.You’ll need to pass a local jurisdiction inspection and receive Permission To Ope ...

Will conduit run along my roof?

Our standard installation will have conduit running along the roof and the side of your home. We will do our best to hide it when possible. If you lik ...

How do I know my roof will not leak after installation?

We use weather resistant sealant on every project to ensure waterproof connections are made. As part of our ‘Monalee Promise,’ we offer warranties on ...

How are the panels secured to the roof?

We use roof material dependent attachments accompanied by large lag bolts and screws to fasten to the roof’s structural features. These attachments ar ...

How many hours or days does it take to install my solar system?

Install crews typically arrive in the early morning and begin work by 8am. Your solar equipment will have already been delivered to your home one work ...

After signing my Monalee contract, how many days/weeks does it take until my solar system is installed?

Timelines for installation will vary by region and are subject to local permit and utility timelines. On average, our entire process from start to fi ...
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