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A Guide to our 25 Year Warranty: What to Know

Monalee projects come with warranties on solar equipment, installation, and performance.

Walid Halty
CEO at Monalee
A Guide to our 25 Year Warranty: What to Know
Mar 18, 2024
3 min read

Choosing to go solar is a big decision and can be a big investment, so we want to make the transition as seamless as possible. This is why we make sure to partner with the best equipment on the market so that your solar system produces the most energy possible. 

To provide peace of mind for choosing us, here’s a breakdown of our ‘Monalee promise’ which includes warranties on parts (equipment), labor (workmanship), and performance. For context, most solar companies only offer guarantees on parts and labor. 

Parts (equipment) 

We use quality equipment on all Monalee installs. Should problems arise down the line, we’ll make sure your repairs are taken care of quickly. 

There are three categories of equipment: solar panels, the inverter, and the battery (if included in your Monalee project). We only partner with top-tier equipment providers that we’ve personally vetted and that are reputable, and with a proven track-record of efficiency. 

When you sign up with Monalee, you’re backed by the equipment providers we work with. We chose Mitrex as our solar panel provider because they are the sleekest, best looking and among the highest performing panels on the market. We use the Tesla inverter and the Tesla Powerwall 3 for the same reason. 

To learn more about the equipment we use for Monalee projects, click here


We pride ourselves on offering our customers a premium and professional service, choosing to partner with the industry’s most reputable installers. 

Our warranty on labor refers to the workmanship involved, such as installing your solar system. For the first ten years, you’re fully covered for anything and everything labor-related that might go wrong. 

It’s important to note that if there are problems during installation, they typically happen right away. For example, if your roof wasn’t sealed properly, you will have a leak. The same is true for electrical wiring or conduit. 

Whenever we begin operations in a new state, the state has to approve us to do this type of work. Being licensed by the state means that we have to get our electrical license, our general contractor license, and our master electrician license. 

We’re then required to carry a certain bond, meaning that we pay money upfront so that our work is covered. We can then carry the right amount of insurance coverage so that if there are any issues with our Monalee homeowners, we’re able to step in and get their solar systems back up and running. 


We guarantee that our solar panels will produce as much energy as is stated on your unique Monalee quote. Valid for 25 years.

In terms of warranty, Mitrex includes a 25-year warranty on their solar panels and is applicable for Monalee homeowners. What they’re promising with this warranty is that over a period of time that the panels will only degrade by a small percentage–usually about .5% a year. 

That means in 25 years, your Mitrex panels will be producing at 90% (having only lost 10% in efficiency during that time period). If for some reason that’s not the case–for example if a panel stops working or is not performing as expected–you’re able to get a replacement installed.

Inverters and batteries typically have 10 or 15-year warranties and in most cases, that’s more than enough coverage needed. Unlike solar panels which are built to withstand all types of weather conditions, inverters and batteries stay in one place and are far less exposed to the elements. 

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