Monalee is waiving the security deposit ($100 value) on new solar projects. Promotion expires 6/18/24.




Can I purchase other products through Monalee?

In addition to allowing homeowners to include a battery for their Monalee solar project, we offer the following add-ons and upgrades: EV plug: to hav ...

Do I need a battery?

If your home does not have a history of power outages, a battery may not be necessary. Not sure? No problem. If you change your mind, you can always o ...

How can I measure how well my equipment is performing?

Your solar system monitoring app provides you with hourly measurements of its power production. Use that information to determine when your solar syst ...

What happens during a power outage in my area? Will my system power my home?

While backup batteries can be pricey, they’re ultimately worth the investment. This is especially true for homeowners who live in areas where power ou ...

Am I insured if my equipment breaks?

Yes, your equipment is insured under our Monalee guarantee. As an example, Mitrex has a 25-year product and performance warranty. This means that your ...

What if I want different equipment?

Monalee homeowners can personalize their orders. They can manually increase or decrease the number of solar panels for their system, as well as the ty ...

What equipment does Monalee use?

When you choose Monalee, you’re getting the same (or better) equipment at a better price and with a better process. In fact, compared with most other ...
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