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How Monalee is More Affordable Compared to Other Solar Companies

Our patent-pending AI uses millions of data points to give homeowners the most accurate price for solar.

Megan McDonough
Head of Content
How Monalee is More Affordable Compared to Other Solar Companies
Apr 11, 2024
6 min read

If you’re thinking of going solar, now is the time! With year-over-year electricity hikes happening all over the country, achieving energy independence is more important than ever. The benefits don’t stop there. Going solar—and at an affordable rate with Monalee—increases the value of your home an average of 4.1-percent. 

Although still in the early days of our company, we’ve already made solar possible for 1,600 customers and counting. When we ask homeowners why they chose Monalee, it comes down to four main reasons: simplicity of our platform, the streamlined nature of our process, significant monetary savings, and sustainability.  

How Monalee is more affordable than other solar companies

How Monalee is More Affordable Compared to Other Solar Companies

Our technology speeds the process up by half

At Monalee, we’re on a mission to accelerate the solar industry, making it more trustworthy, affordable through transparent pricing, and accessible without the hassle of pushy sales tactics. 

Our patent-pending technology that uses millions of different data points to give customers the best solar design based on their homes and needs. Many factors are taken into account when generating a quote, such as the navigational direction of a home’s roof (a roof in the northern hemisphere that faces south is going to get more sun than north-facing ones). Our AI also assesses whether there are trees in the backyard that might limit the amount of direct sunlight the solar panels receive. It analyzes the roof type and pitch (how much it slopes), as well as how much sunlight it gets

When a homeowner goes to our site, they simply enter their home’s address as well as their monthly electricity bill. From there, our technology generates an interactive solar panel roof proposal in ten seconds or less. 

On average, homeowners who go solar with Monalee are able to get their systems up and running within 50 days. When looking at traditional solar companies or other online solar companies, the timeline is upwards of 90 days.

Monalee offers affordable solar to homeowners across the country

We take a digital-first approach while offering personalized support  

If you’re new to solar, you might not have heard of what TIME calls the ‘solar sales bro.’ These sales-people typically go door-to-door selling homeowners on the idea of solar. They tend to be pushy, self-motivated, and use bait-and switch tactics.

At Monalee, we’re changing all that. In an industry where most things are still done offline, we’re taking a digital-first approach. We make solar modern, easy, and transparent–all the things homeowners want but haven’t been able to get packaged up. 

As proud as we are of our technology, we’re even prouder of our 50-person team distributed across the U.S. Our biggest measure of success is customer happiness levels, and we have a dedicated department who assists our homeowners every step of the way. 

We take a digital-first approach while offering personalized support  

Our pricing is upfront, accurate, and transparent

When you generate a quote from Monalee, it’s the most accurate and transparent price available. In most cases, it’s going to be a couple thousands dollars less than traditional solar companies in your area. 

Homeowners regularly share with us that the quote they receive from us is close to 50% less than quotes from other companies. Plus, since we’re using advanced AI, there are fewer instances of change orders (bait-and-switch) when it comes to pricing. 

One way we’re able to significantly lower our price is by getting rid of soft costs and passing those savings directly on to our customers. For context, about 75% of the costs associated with going solar when working with a traditional solar company are soft costs. The more we’re able to do digitally and/or handle in-house, the more money you save. 

Our solar pricing is affordable, accurate, and transparent

We use top-tier solar equipment on all installations

When you choose Monalee, you’re getting the same (or better) equipment at a better price and with a better process. In fact, compared with most other solar companies, our equipment is stronger and more durable than what they’re using. For example:

Unless you specify otherwise, we use Mitrex M405-L3H solar panels for all Monalee installs (with the exception of Florida, where we use Ureco 445W). Mitrex panels feature advanced cell technology, high performing modules, and are able to withstand high snow and wind conditions. Both traditional solar companies and other online solar companies use solar panels that are under 400 watts. In many cases, customizations are not offered (more on this below). 

Inverters are another important piece of equipment for any solar system, and we opt for the Tesla Solar Inverter. This model has native integration with other Tesla products such as their Powerwall 3. To learn more about the specific solar equipment we use, check out our Monalee equipment guide

We use top-tier solar equipment on all installations

We allow homeowners to personalize their order 

What many homeowners don’t know is that with Monalee, they can personalize their orders. They can manually increase or decrease the number of solar panels for their system, as well as select the type of solar panels (Mitrex 400 or Hanwha QCell 400) and inverters (Tesla or Enphase) to use on their install. 

There’s also a list of add-ons and upgrades available to homeowners. In addition to allowing homeowners to include a battery for their Monalee project, we offer the following add-ons and upgrades:

  • EV plug: to have the ability to install an EV charger. Labor only, parts are extra.
  • Attic Run: to minimize the appearance of unsightly electrical conduit on your roof.
  • Solar Skirt: to elevate the look of your solar design with the IronRidge Contour® Trim.
  • Critter Guard: to deter rodents and prevent debris from interfering with your solar panels.
  • Main Panel Upgrade: to make your home future upgrade ready with a new main panel.
  • Smart Panel Upgrade: to control your panel through WiFi with the SPAN smart electrical panel.

Monalee uses premium solar equipment at an affordable rate.

Our warranty covers equipment, installation, and performance 

Even with our competitive pricing, going solar is a big investment, and we want to ensure that you’re covered for years to come. As part of our Monalee promise, we offer a 25-year warranty on parts, labor, and performance. For context, most solar companies only offer warranties on the first two. 

This means that if anything happens with your equipment, the installation of your solar system, or how well your system is performing, you’ll receive support directly from us or from the equipment manufacturer. 

To learn more about solar financing, click here

Our warranty covers equipment, installation, and performance 

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