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How One Ex-Tesla Employee Is Disrupting The Billion Dollar Solar Industry

By John Vimal, November 8, 2022

Finding an honest and transparent solar company is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. For the past decade, the solar industry has been plagued with sleazy salespeople who were raking in thousands of dollars in commission through high pressure sales calls, shady tactics and incessant haggling.

Monalee is disrupting the entire solar industry by cutting out all of the salespeople and dealers and passing the savings directly to the homeowners. This allows our price to be on average 50% lower than 99% of solar companies. Our website offers one low hassle-free price without any spam calls or aggressive salespeople. We’ll also apply all federal, state and utility incentives that your home can qualify for to save you as much as possible.

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If you are planning to go solar, receiving a quote from Monalee should be the first thing on your list. We offer similar or better equipment than most installers, 25 year warranty on equipment & panel efficiency, and lower prices than almost every other solar company in the US.

You can visit our website and by providing us with your address and average monthly electric bill, our AI technology will design a system that will offset 100% of your monthly electric bills. The monthly payments will be lower than what you pay your electric company and you will own an asset that will power your home for the next 25+ years. You can also pay in full to receive an even better return on your investment.

Visit our website to get a quote or learn more about how you can go solar and start saving now!

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Through machine learning, we can provide the lowest and most accurate price without speaking to a single salesperson. No bait and switch like other companies.

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