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Monalee Leverages AI to Cut Solar Soft Costs by Half

We're saving homeowners on average $12,000, making solar more attainable for more people.

Walid Halty
CEO at Monalee
Monalee Leverages AI to Cut Solar Soft Costs by Half
Jun 05, 2024
2 min read

Following a successful seed round led by Ludlow Ventures and Shrug Capital, climate tech company, Monalee, continues to lower the barrier of entry for American homeowners choosing to go solar. Since launching in June 2022, we’ve already provided more than 150,000 homeowners with free, no obligation solar proposals that include fully automated designs. 

Powered by machine learning, Monalee is the fastest, most affordable way for homeowners to switch to solar energy. By removing commissioned salespeople and system designers from the process, our proprietary AI is able to secure the same solar panel systems at half the price compared to the top traditional solar companies in the U.S. 

A big part of our growth within the climate tech space is accredited to our digital-first approach in an industry where most things are done offline. “There hasn’t been good software available that digitizes the process, and as a result, soft costs add up to about 75% of the total cost of going solar,” explains Monalee co-founder, Walid Halty.

Our patent-pending technology is incredibly advanced, and was recently featured on Google Cloud. In short, our AI can generate interactive solar panel roof proposals in ten seconds or less by analyzing the roof type and pitch (how much it slopes), and how much sunlight it gets among millions of other data points. It even identifies roof obstacles such as chimneys and roof vents, and designs solar layouts around areas where trees could create shade—an otherwise in-person task that slows down the solar installation process. 

“The way solar is being done is not modern. We have to catch up as an industry and so this is how we are taking initiative on that. We’re making it modern, digital, easy, transparent–all the things consumers want but haven’t been able to get packaged up,” Halty adds. 

Monalee is currently available in 24 US states, with ten more to be added by end of year. Through choosing to go solar with Monalee, customers are offsetting their electricity bills after just two to three billing cycles, and shaving several years off their solar panel payback period (otherwise known as ROI). 

Monalee Leverages AI to Cut Solar Soft Costs by Half


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