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4 Ways Solar Energy Can Benefit Your Home

Cost savings and environmental impact aside, here are other powerful ways going solar benefits your home, community, and lifestyle.

Laura Leiva
Content Writer
4 Ways Solar Energy Can Benefit Your Home
Feb 26, 2024
4 min read

Of course, reducing your monthly electric bill is always an appealing option. 

But while cost savings and environmental impact are an obvious plus when considering solar energy, there are plenty of other powerful ways installing solar panels has on your home, community, and lifestyle.

Is investing in home electrification worth it?

We think so. Here’s how installing a solar energy system benefits your home (and your future).

1. You Gain Independence from Growing Energy Costs

Electricity rates are getting more expensive annually. Why? Changing weather makes a big difference in energy use. 

From running air conditioning to make it through long, hot summers to living in areas with aging power grids and infrastructure, relying solely on the electric grid means you’re paying a lot more than you used to for utilities. Plus, electricity demand will increase as more electric cars hit the road in the coming years.   

As utility companies start to update grids with new equipment, that cost filters down to – you guessed it – the customer. 

For homeowners, gaining independence from these growing and erratic energy costs is a major benefit in going solar – especially for those living in regions where power is getting more expensive.

2. Solar Panels are Reliable and Easier to Maintain

You’ll get 25 to 30 years out of your solar energy system with routine maintenance.

Traditional electrical systems, wiring, and circuits require far more maintenance and upkeep than climate technology. Not to mention, aging electrical components become less energy efficient over time and increase the risk of fire.

Solar panels are low maintenance for the most part and only require a periodic cleaning – usually just a quick rinse with the hose – to keep them in good condition and free of dust or debris. Because solar panels are installed at an angle, you don’t need to worry about snow or ice accumulation in the winter due to melting and runoff.

Equipment and installation quality also play a big part in how your solar panels hold up over time. 

Monalee provides homeowners with a 25-year guarantee on equipment parts, system performance, and manual labor.

3. Solar Energy is Used Efficiently

Creating an energy-efficient home means tapping into solar power.

Solar panels can produce enough energy for residential homes at their current efficiency rates (between 15 and 20 percent!), and advancements are consistently being made to increase those energy efficiency ratings. 

That means there’s never a better time to go solar than now!

Without getting too scientific, efficiency is traced back to the photovoltaic (PV) cells in the panels themselves. The higher their quality, the better they transform solar energy (sun rays) into electricity.

For example, solar panels with highly efficient  PV cells can absorb and transform energy and take up less space on your roof. Panels with lower efficiency still provide equal usable electricity but generally require more surface area coverage. 

Depending on your home design and power needs, plenty of options are available to accommodate your requirements.

4. The Demand for Solar Energy is Expanding

Millions of homeowners use solar panels to generate electricity for their homes, and using an abundant resource (thanks, sun!) makes it simple to consider.  

Over the past decade alone, solar energy has seen a growth rate of 24 percent. With no signs of slowing down, first-time homeowners and property owners are increasingly interested in home electrification and climate technology.

The benefits of going solar aren’t limited.

Whether you care more about property value or saving money on your utility bills, or you’re working hard to move to a more sustainable way of life, the great news is solar energy helps homeowners with various goals. 

The Benefits of Going Solar Extend Beyond the Home

Most homeowners like the idea of going solar for two reasons: to save money and to live more sustainably.

With solar energy, you get both.

The home and surrounding community reap the benefits of using solar energy over traditional power sources. From improving air quality to reducing water use and limiting the impact on local wildlife, solar energy is becoming an important part of the move toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and overall climate changes.

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