Monalee is waiving the security deposit ($100 value) on new solar projects. Promotion expires 7/22/24.

Activating your Tesla System

Follow the steps below to energize your new Tesla System!


Locate your Tesla Backup Gateway

*If you have a new solar system installed, please be sure to complete the activation process for the solar before activating your backup storage.

Open the door to your Tesla Backup Gateway. You will see breakers within this panel on the left. These power your Powerwall(s) and your Solar. Please be sure to switch these to the ON position.


Flip on breakers labeled ‘Solar System,’ ‘PV,’ ‘Battery’ or ‘Energy Storage.’

An A/C Disconnect is attached to each Powerwall. This is a smaller box with a handle on the right-hand side that moves between ON and OFF. Please flip this handle to the upward and ON position.


If Powerwalls are installed, flip on the Enable switch found on the right side of each Powerwall.

On the right-hand side of each Powerwall, you will see a small enable switch. Please turn this to the “I” or ON position. You will see a green bar illuminate on the same side of the Powerwall as the enable switch, indicating the start-up process.


Download the Tesla app on your smartphone.


Follow App Instructions

Use the Tesla app to follow your energy production in real time. Real-time monitoring will be available in your Tesla app within one hour of turning on your system.

Please visit the link below for additional information regarding your Tesla System and your monitoring.

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$9,093.00 ($1.75/watt)
*After Federal & State Incentives $3,897.00
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