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Activating your Enphase Solar System

Follow the steps below to energize your new Enphase Solar System!


Open the door of your Main Service Panel

Open your Main Service Panel door and locate the Solar PV Breaker. If you do not have a Solar PV breaker or you are located in Illinois or Massachusetts, you may skip this step. PV breakers should have a red sticker adjacent to them or labeling that reads PV or Solar. Move this breaker to the ON position if it is not already there.


Locate your AC Disconnect

The AC Disconnect is a smaller box that will be visible from your Main Service Panel in most cases. This box will have a handle on the right side that moves between ON and OFF. Ensure the handle is in the up position and set to ON.


Open your Enphase Combiner box

Your Enphase Combiner box will be a gray box that has the Enphase logo on the top right corner, there will be two latches on the right side to secure it closed. Once the Enphase Combiner box has been opened, turn all of the breakers inside to the ON position.


Verify LED Status lights

Your Enphase Combiner box will have four lights inside at the top right location. To verify proper connection and functionality, lights 1, 3, and 4 must be green as seen to the left. The process of powering on can take up to 10 minutes, the lights will start flashing red but should turn solid green within the time frame previously mentioned. Once the lights mentioned are green, you can close and re-latch your Enphase Combiner box.


Your system is now up and running!

Once all of the previous steps are completed, your system is online and producing green energy!

If any of the steps above were unsuccessful or you need further assistance, please call Mona Lee Technical Support at 844.MONA.LEE Option 3 or email

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